When You Move has always taken the time to listen to our customers’ requirements and continuously iterate and develop our services accordingly to fit those needs, and with this in mind, When You Move has been replaced with a new service called Altium Legal.

The Altium Legal platform has been developed over the past 3 years to offer a fixed price approach for your conveyancing needs across a nationwide panel of firms. The 60+ legal partners available through the online platform are managed by our specialist support team to ensure they adhere to strict terms relating to speed, communication and customer service. Altium Legal will always match your clients’ requirements to the best suited law firm, who genuinely have the capacity to service your client efficiently and proactively. Our broad range of legal partners ensure even your most complex of cases can be serviced brilliantly. If you require specialist lender, non-English language or restricted timeframe deadline support, Altium Legal has a proven partner to accept and manage these instructions right across the UK.

To remove the traditional challenges during conveyancing transactions around communication, a unique part of the Altium Legal package is our own internal case progression team. Let the Altium team drive consistent service, regular communication, sales progression and ultimately speed up your conveyancing transactions while you save your customers money utilising Altium’s competitive fixed fees.

If you are interested partnering with Altium Legal, please call us on 0203 910 9007 or email info@altiumlegal.co.uk.

We look forward to speaking with you very soon.