Meet QuickQuote – the innovative tool enabling property professionals to stay on top of regulations

From December 2018, all regulated law firms will be required to publish information on prices they charge for their services. Conveyancers, estate agents and mortgage advisors in the property industry can stay ahead of the regulations by installing the When You Move QuickQuote tool on their websites. The tool is a quick and accessible service for consumers to use when they are searching for a conveyancing firm.


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How does it work?


When You Move’s QuickQuote tool increases transparency by allowing customers to generate a tailored conveyancing quote for their property transaction, offering a complete breakdown of both legal fees and additional 3rd party costs. The value this will add to the service provided to consumers is yet unparalleled.

Customers can select their transaction type (sale, purchase, sale and purchase, remortgage) and then answer a series of questions about their property type to tailor the quotation. Categories can range between: is it Buy To Let? Is there a Gifted Deposit? Who is the mortgage lender? Etc. Customers are then shown a legal fee quote that uses pre-established fee configurations set by the conveyancer, including items such as search packs. They are also shown a breakdown of third party costs so they have a full understanding of the costs involved in their transaction


Why should you install it on your website?

  • It will ensure you are fully compliant with the upcoming regulations
  • Transparency is key to delivering a consumer-focused service, this is something other sectors are improving on – property should be following suit.
  • The feature is completely free for conveyancers, mortgage brokers and estate agents to install
  • Installation will ensure that conveyancers and estate agents will be 100% compliant with regulations coming into effect in December 2018
  • The feature takes only minutes to install and will provide a service for consumers that can be accessed all hours of the day
  • QuickQuote – alongside its technology partner When You Move – delivers a digital customer journey for clients to access from the very beginning of their transaction. The service can be accessed via an app or on the web, enabling them to track the progression of the transaction as well as providing a digital hub in which they can upload required documentation.

The SRA’s Better Information report found that 85% of respondents want information about legal services providers to be more readily available, especially in relation to price, quality and protections.

Simon Bath, CEO of When You Move speaking on the upcoming regulatory change –


“This is a simple to use tool that can alleviate a huge amount of hassle and process from industry partners, keen to be compliant. As an industry, we’re renowned for archaic processes and sluggish reactions, QuickQuote enables us to pre-empt a mandatory industry shift that is critical to address, in an efficient and transparent manner”.